Anonymous asked:
I could scroll through your blog for hours. Your gifs are so great and I wish you wouldn't insult yourself in your tags so much. You're really talented and I think you have some of the best colouring/colourization (whatever you call it =.=) in the Zoella fandom.

OH MY GOD youre so nice,  thank you sooo much love you 

Everyone being proud of Zoe and Zoella Beauty ♥

Anonymous asked:
could you tell me which psd you used here? :) /post/98729278872/its-sad-when-some-people-say-that-youtubers-dont

i used some from this post

It’s sad when some people say that YouTubers don’t work hard and it’s not a proper job. Nobody knows all the work people put in off camera
Anonymous asked:
i've noticed that louise and matt haven't been wearing their wedding rings as of late. do you thing there could be something going on there?

i don’t think that something is going on between them, i’m sure they are okay. about the rings, maybe she just forgot to wear it? idk really, it is her personal life, so we don’t know anything until she tells us

The Launch of Zoella Beauty (The Most Exciting Night Ever)

Zoe on This Morning.